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Countryside Express E-stores aim to bring a revolution in the rural areas by connecting them with the digital world of E-Commerce and provide them various other online services like cyber café, e-ticketing, finance, printing under one roof along with the courier services.

Why CountrysideExpress –

Countryside Express eliminates all the barriers faced by courier and cargo industry to reach in the rural parts of India.Countryside Express aims to connect the rural parts of India with the digital world through its E-stores and express delivery network. We have a dedicated customer service team which emphasise on providing best quality service to all our customers and enhance customer experience. With our international partners, you get a completely hassle-free International courier services across the globe.

Countryside Express Courier and Cargo

At Countryside Express, we believe in continuous training and development throughout the life cycle of the franchisee for the continuous growth of the franchise and the company.

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